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COMtoUA Converter Server

COMtoUA is a Classic OPC DCOM server with the capability to act as multiple OPC DA, HDA and/or AE servers. Each server is configured to a UA server endpoint and enables Classic OPC clients to access OPC UA servers.

The COMtoUA converter makes OPC UA servers accessible from classic OPC client applications.

COMtoUA can be configured to serve as multiple OPC DA, HDA and/or AE servers.


Each of these pseudo servers are assigned to an endpoint of an OPC UA server.
Multiple pseudo servers can access the same UA server or endpoint, e.g. if the UA server supports the functionality of multiple Classic OPC specifications.


UAtoCOM converts in the opposite direction. It is an OPC UA server with the capability to aggregate multiple OPC DA, HDA and/or AE servers. OPC UA clients can access Classic OPC DA, HDA, AE servers thru the UAtoCOM converter server.


COMtoUA Converter Server

When to use the COMtoUA Converter Server?
The COMtoUA Converter Server enables Classic OPC clients to access OPC UA servers. COMtoUA offer a simple way to migrate to OPC UA. The converter can be bypassed with minimal changes when OPC UA clients get available.



COMtoUA Configuration


COMtoUA Configuration

An easy to use configuration utility is provided for creating and editing the COMtoUA configuration.
The configuration has two main parts:

  • The pseudo servers with their DCOM registration details and the UA server endpoint selection

  • The UA server communication configuration with the logging and certificates


COMtoUA Converter Server Compliance Tests

The COMtoUA Converter Server is compliance tested with the OPC Foundation Compliance Test Tool in the configuration shown in the diagram.

The Advosol Simulation OPC DA/AE and HDA are compliance tested and COMtoUA is tested with the same settings but connected thru a UA bridge consisting of the COMtoUA and UAtoCOM converter server pair.


System Requirements

Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012



COMtoUA Converter Server Compliance Test


COMtoUA Licensing
COMtoUA is sold as Single instance licenses with different functionality:
     - OPC DA functionality only
     - OPC DA/AE/HDA functionality
Without license file COMtoUA works in evaluation mode (stops working after 30 minutes run-time) and must only be used for evaluation purposes.
Copy the purchased license file into the COMtoUA executable directory to eliminate the restrictions. The license must match the software version. To upgrade to the current product version, download and install the current evaluation and the license file. A current subscription is required for the license key download.
The new software version will not work with an old license key file. Always backup the downloaded files. Old product version are not available for re-download.

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