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         OPC .Net client server toolkits for OPC DA, HDA, AE, XML-DA
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OPC Test Clients

The test client applications that are provided in the Advosol OPC server and client toolkit are downloadable as individual utilities.

Each test client is a single EXE file that can be copied anywhere and executed. No Setup is required.

OPC DA V2 Test Client
This easy to use test client uses OPCDA.NET for the server access.
The server access can be tested with the same .Net wrapper as used in the OPCDA.NET based application.
OPC DA V3 Test Client
Test client that uses OPCDA.NET for the server access. Most OPC DA3 features can be interactively tested.
OPC AE Test Client
The OPC Alarms&Events Test Client can browse OPC AE servers and display the server capabilites and events.
The client uses the OPCAE.NET client component for the server access.
OPC HDA Test Client
The OPC Historian Test Client application can be used as a diagnostic tool to browse the OPC HDA servers and interactively read data.
The test client can also be used as a development helper tool. The server can be browsed to get the items supported by the server and the item names can be copied into the code of a client being developed.
The client uses the OPCHDA.NET client component for the server access.

All OPC HDA 1.2 functions can be called interactively to check if the values are returned as expected. This may help determine if an unexpected behavior has to searched in the client being developed or somewhere else.

XML DA Test Client
This Test Client application is build with the XMLDA.NET client component and can access XML DA and OPC DA servers. The type of server accessed depends on the server URL. If it starts with http:// then it's assumed to be the URL of an XML DA server. Otherwise it's assumed to be the ProgID of an OPC DA server.


Express Interface Test Client
The Xi (OPC .NET 3.0) Test client is designed for application level tests of Express Interface (Xi / OPC .NET 3.0) servers. 
It's easy to install and use.

The test client uses the Advosol PaXi Client Base.
to handle access to Xi, OPC Classic DA/AE/HDA and OPC UA servers. It does most server access asynchronously and doesn't become unresponsive due to slow server access.



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